Joint Research Group on Aeronautical Informatics

The Aeronautical Informatics is a collaborative research group of TU Clausthal (TUC) Institute for Informatics and German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Flight Systems. The group has been established and is coordinated by Apl.-Prof. Umut Durak.

The advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), such as Cloud/Fog/Ambient Computing, Internet of Things, Cyber Physical Systems or Big Data are creating drastic changes in technology landscape of the aeronautics. It is almost clear that the future direction of aircraft is smarter and more connected. Unmanned systems, urban aviation and future air traffic management concepts are coming with new challenging requirements. We need new affordable and accessible tools, methods and techniques for designing, developing and assuring automation and autonomy across system boundaries. Our research focuses on modeling and simulation based approaches in aeronautics for achieving the future “smart” and “connected” flight. Our research topics includes model based design, and simulation based analysis, training, validation and verification.

If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail (umut.durak@tu-clausthal de) or phone (+49 5323 72-7129). You can also find us at AeroLab (Albrecht-von-Groddeck-Str. 7 top floor).